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Our mission is to help retailers change
the way they engage with online shoppers
Immerss Team

Immerss was born out of the belief that every merchant,
should be able to connect with their online shoppers in a meaningful way.

Shopping online

Shopping online

Afterall, we are living in the age of seamless digital communication in our personal and business lives, so why not when shopping online?

With that thought in mind (and the support of a few pioneering brands), in 2019 we set-off to build what would become the powerful live commerce platform that Immerss has become today. From 1-to-1 shoppable live chat and video clienteling, to engaging 1-to-many live streaming events, Immerss is setting the curve in the burgeoning space of live commerce.

Immerss is al about experience

Immerss is all
about experience

Enabling merchants to stand-out and provide customers with a memorable online shopping journey.

We’re a US-founded group of passionate entrepreneurs; hyper-focused on building innovative digital clienteling tools that help merchants build relationships with their online customers.
The result of those efforts? A one-of-a-kind online shopping experience for customers that delivers sky-high sales conversion rates and lifts up AOVs, while drastically reducing returns - all at an affordable price.

Whether you’re a small Shopify merchant or a large retailer, Immerss has live commerce solutions tailored to fit your needs

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