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About Hammitt

Since 2008 Hammitt has offered its customers an effortless style with a playful spirit. The collections are designed for a dynamic lifestyle with a focus on functionality.  Quality craftsmanship to last the test of time is the standard at Hammitt, and they stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee.
Hammitt values the online customer. Bringing them into the store physically or through technology lets my customer concierge team take care of them, wherever they are.
Tony Drockton, Hammitt Founder

The Challenge

Building a community is at the core of Hammitt’s DNA.  Finding ways to showcase their story and products authentically is a top priority.  A quick peek into Hammitt’s social channels shows that fun is also at the forefront of their ethos.
The goal was to create an environment and a central hub to engage fans with the same fun spirit while highlighting new releases within their website. Finding the right platform to enable total control of the content and be showcased on their website was the challenge.


Immerss was introduced to the Hammitt management team after they went through the software selection process and penciled in a competitor as a chosen platform. It took a twenty-minute meeting to convince them “there is a better way.”

The following was essential to the team:

Seamless real-time catalog integration, making it easy to build the product gallery in seconds.
Automated way to embed live and recorded shoppable videos onto the brand's site, so it looks native.
Easy way to go live, broadcasted worldwide with good quality video and audio.
Allow a moderator to help the host answer chats and pin products to the screen as shown.
Multicast the event on social media to bring additional viewers.
The solution needs to be affordable and show the ROI.

The Solution

Immerss enables brands like Hammitt to have complete control of the content they produce and the ability to broadcast it right from their website.
Creating live events and building shoppable product carousels for customers to click and buy is done right from an easy-to-use app.  All live events are recorded and stored so brands can build a library of shoppable on-demand content for customers to enjoy.
Sales reporting and viewership data are all easily accessible in Hammitt’s Immerss dashboard, so commissioning hosts or calculating ROI on events is fully automated and takes no time from the management team.  Re-streaming to the brand’s existing social channels, like Facebook and Instagram, amplifies the event and captures a larger audience. 
With Hammitt Social Media Manager Fallon Williams at the helm of most live stream events, she has created a dynamic ecosystem for answering questions and chatting in real-time with fans. Hammitt has made a point to keep their live events fun and never stuffy, just like their brand.
We have a lot of fun with Hammitt television. People come back over and over for both the entertainment and the new products.
Tony Drockton, Hammitt Founder

The Result

Hammitt has successfully unified their content strategy in six short months using the Immerss platform. The brand has seen its audience expand as they have increased the frequency of the events to 3 shows per week.  Live shopping is now an established and consistent sales channel for the company.
While the live events are promoted and highly successful, Hammitt sees ever more sales through the recorded assets. The recorded assets are evergreen content that customers can enjoy and shop in the future.
KPIs like sales conversions, customer engagement, returns, and time spent on the site have all performed remarkably well.  From a bottom-line perspective, Hammitt sees an 8x return on investment. 
There are so many great incentives for clients to shop from the Immerss platform. Live events showcase Hammitt products in person and allow us to create a story behind each piece.
Fallon Williams, Hammitt Social Media Manager

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